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We offer a FREE GLUELESS FITTING at our London Kensington Studio for all full lace wigs purchases to ensure your unit fits comfortably and securely . To ensure your privacy and comfort we also have private fitting rooms available.  


Please ensure your hair is FLAT or BRAIDED ALL BACK  in preparation for your FREE FITTING. If you require your hair to be braided at our studio there will be a charge of £20 for your hair to be braided.


Our Virgin Brazilian hair full lace wig prices are determined by the length. We do not charge any extra for curly, wavy, straight or yaki textured hair lace wigs. However, we must advise that curly hair ace wigs can often be more difficult to maintain.


Please note full lace wigs above 24” inches in length are usually custom made.

Custom made (i.e made to measure) an extra £30

Increase density to 150% an extra £50, 180% an extra £80, 200% an extra £100 

Colouring starts from £60 (for 1 colour i.e. highlights, dark roots, ombre) or  £80 for 2 colours or £100 for 3 colours etc. Lowlights £100 

Glue Adhesive and Sewin Fitting Installation - £50

Cut and Style Wig - £50

Refit (Glue, Sewin or Band including braids)  - £50

Take off wig, Wash hair, wash lace wig and Refit - £100

Take off £10

Wash Wig - £20

Sew in Weave with Frontal (excluding hair) - £300

Wig Styling - £25



Braided Wig Prices

TIFFANY braids – extra £20

OPHELIA braids – extra £20

ATHENA braids – extra £100

RUDELLE braids – extra £100

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