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Lace Wig Fitting Service

Fitting Service

A-list Lace Hair take pride in offering one of the best professional full lace wig and lace front wig installation and maintenance services available. We fit over 100 full lace wigs every week and we are renowned for our professional customer service. We offer premium quality glueless full lace wigs and our highly skilled application will ensure you achieve a flawless, seamless and non detectable hairline.  We provide everything needed for your full lace wig fitting, simply call us and book an appointment.

All full lace wig purchases including a FREE glueless fitting service (band method). Fitting options include adhesive (with glue or tape), sew in options and glueless lace wig with band method. Please note if you require your unit to be fitted with Adhesive or Sewn on, there will be a cost of £50 for your fitting.

Clients who have bought an A-List lace Hair full lace wig will be charged £50 for a refitting glueless, adhesive or sewn on application.This price includes conrowing your natural hair underneath your lace wig if necessary.

Due to high demand we are currently unable to fit full lace wig units purchased elsewhere.

Lace Frontal Application and Weave Sew In - £300

Cleaning Service

For your convenience we offer a full lace wig and lace front wig and lace frontal cleaning service. Simply mail or bring your lace wig to our studio in Kensington, London for a professional removal of all adhesive and residue from your full lace wig. Your full lace wig will be thoroughly washed, shampooed and conditioned. We complete this service within ten business days.

Cleaning Service 10 working days - £20

Same day take off and refitting service (including washing your natural hair) - £100

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